Buy Agreement:We are not affiliated with ICQ company. All numbers are the property of ICQ company. When you buy ICQ number in our shop - you pay for the password retrieve service, and not for the property on ICQ number.

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ATTENTION!!! It’s not possible to change password and attach email on 6 digs UINs now. Password retrieve on the phone number not working for 6 digs UINs as well. We guarantee to all our buyers that we delete UIN's password from our base right after purchase. Our default passwords are 100% strong and safe.

ATTENTION!!! ALL UINs are not activated! You need to attach “clean” phone number to the UIN to activate it. “Clean” phone number mean that this phone number is not using with any other ICQ UIN.

ATTENTION!!! ICQ Company does not like any kind of spam. Usually they block UINs for creating any spam activity. Take care about it.

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